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S&S Standard Hard case edge pull

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10" Edge pullOriginal style hard case  (gray)

Case dimensions are 26" x 26" x 10"  (click here for a dimensioned drawing of the case interior) which meets the typical airline standard maximum size limit of 62" combined (length + width + thickness). The standard 2 wheel case has an improved wheel configuration that greatly improves the stability of the case when it's being pulled. Our old style case was more stable when being pushed rather than being pulled.  To convert an older push style case to a pull style case, click here.  

  • Approximate retail price is $445.00
  • Approximate weight is 17 pounds


Flip out handle and 2 wheels on the narrow side.

Full length piano hinge

 12" and 14" edge pull, Original style hard case (gray)  

Oversize  Our original 2 wheel edge pull hard case is also available in both 12" and 14" oversize versions but they do not meet airline size requirements.  

12" case

  • Weigh: 18 pounds
  • Approximate retail price: $515.00
14" case 
  • Weight 19.2 pounds
  • Approximate retail price: $515.00

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