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Chain Waxing Service

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Bicycle Chain Wax Service

Riding a road, gravel, mountain, or ebike with a waxed chain will save you money and use less energy so you can ride faster and longer. The reduced friction of a waxed chain means more of your power is being transferred into speed, and you will get a much longer life out of your chain, cassette, and chainrings. The waxed chain is quieter and also does not collect dirt and grease so you can say goodbye to those greasy chain tatoos on your legs. 

Chain waxing requires significant work up front to not only clean the oil out of it
but also to rinse out the solvents used to remove the oil; only then will the molten
wax adhere to the metal. However, once the chain is cleaned and immersion-
waxed, cleaning it is a thing of the past. Since it doesn’t pick up dirt, you simply
wipe it with a clean rag and either apply a compatible wax-based drip lube on each
roller, or you remove the chain and dip it in molten wax again. In dry conditions,
expect to get 300-500 miles of smooth performance out of a dip-waxed chain.

The easiest way to get going with a waxed chain is to have somebody else clean
and wax it, and we will do that for you at Zinn Cycles. We also sell pre-waxed
chains, as well as the drip lubes compatible with a waxed chain. Once you have
enjoyed the benefits of riding a chain that is always, clean, silent, and lowest
friction, you won’t want to go back!

Read the full article by Lennard Zinn about the benefits of chain waxing including testing data.