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Custom Cranks

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Our custom cranksets are designed to be either shorter or longer and definitely stronger than traditional crank arms. They come in lengths from 130mm all the way to 220mm, for all kinds of bikes: road, gravel, mountain, track, triathlon, tandem, and fat bikes.

Appropriate Bike Proportions

As specialists in the industry, we like to get the proportions right. Sometimes that means choosing a custom crankset wisely, establishing the correct chainring or crank arm size rather than simply scaling up a frame. Preserving your bike’s proportions is paramount to your comfort and safety.

We built our philosophy on the belief that muscles and joints work best when they are operating within their optimal range of motion. Just like short riders shouldn’t force themselves to stretch to reach the pedals, tall riders shouldn’t be squeezing onto a too-small bike. Custom cranksets should be customized so you can get the most out of every push and propel yourself to the front of the pack.

How to Find the Right Length

If you’re wondering how to find the right custom crankset length, you’ll need to start by measuring your inseam. Since the ideal crank length is between 21% and 21.6% of your total leg length, you should multiply your inseam length by both 0.21 and 0.216 to find the best range for your legs. Once you know the correct crank length, you can shop our bicycle crankset types, including touring, road, and mountain biking varieties. Our experts are on hand to help you with measurement tips and approximations.

From custom bike crankset to crank bolts and bottom brackets, Zinn Cycles is here to help you with all your custom cycling needs. Shop our selection or reach out to us today for more guidance.