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Discover the Perfect Ride for Big and Tall Cyclists

Zinn Cycles offers several brands of big and tall bicycles designed by Lennard Zinn that offer comfort, power, and efficiency you’ll simply not find with standard bike shop brands. Explore our custom, semi-custom, and off-the-shelf bikes, offering multiple price points for the bigger rider. 


Zinn is our custom bike brand, available for any sized rider (not just big and tall!). We make all types of bikes including road, gravel, mountain, hybrid, e-bikes, and more. Let us know if you are interested in a custom bike and we will prepare a proposal for you.


We consider our brand Clydesdale Bicycles to be semi-custom, as the frame comes in standard sizes and we work with you on details such as components. KHS is our partner providing off-the-shelf road and mountain bikes for the larger guy. 

Check out our selection of road, gravel, mountain, electric, and touring bikes in XXL, XXXL, and even 4XL sizes across these brands! See what it’s like to ride a bike that works with you and not against you.

Bikes for Big & Tall Riders

Why buy a bicycle online? You’ve likely already discovered that your local bike shop isn’t stocked with big and tall bicycles to make that perfect bike match for taller or bigger-than-average riders. Without a selection of bikes built for big and tall riders, shops tend to scale components in an attempt to make the largest frame they have work. Sure you’ll ride but we know increased shimmy and loss of power transference isn’t your goal. 


Your standard XL bike at a shop may work for a time, but it won’t last as stress is put on key components of the bike that may create breakdown and wear faster than typical — not a great investment long-term.

Level Up, Measure Up

With our big and tall bicycles, you’re getting a bike comprehensively designed for the big rider’s needs. These brands take frame proportion and bike material into consideration when creating a bike that’s meant for larger people.  Buy a bicycle online with a personal touch: let Zinn Cycles take care of everything from specialty components to custom handlebars and seats