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Non-Custom Bikes for Big & Tall Riders

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Discover the Perfect Ride for Big and Tall Cyclists

Besides custom Zinn bikes for big and tall guys, we also have non-custom options to provide some more affordable choices for the bigger rider. If you’re looking for a bike that offers a comfortable, powerful, and efficient ride, you can explore our Clydesdale or KHS bikes brands to find road, gravel, mountain, electric, and touring bikes in XXL, XXXL, and even 4XL sizes.

Bikes for Big & Tall Riders

It’s nearly impossible to find the perfect bike for big and tall riders at local bike shops. Without a selection of bikes built for big and tall riders, shops tend to scale components in an attempt to make the largest frame they have work. While well-intentioned, these bikes are simply not built for the demands of a big and tall rider. As a result, when riding a standard XL bike, we know you likely notice increased shimmy at high speeds and a loss of power transference during your rides.

With our bikes for big and tall guys, you’re getting a bike that’s comprehensively designed for the big rider’s specific needs. These brands take frame proportion, bike material, and every other bike component into consideration when creating a bike that’s meant for larger humans. You’ll be amazed at the difference these bikes can make to your ride.