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Mountain Bike Cranks

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Mountain Bike Crankset

At the heart of your drivetrain rests the ever-important bike crankset. This critical feature of your bike collectively helps to convert all that pedaling power you’re putting into your bike into the forward propulsion up the massive hill ahead of you. While mountain bike cranksets include more than one component, Big & Tall Bike offers you the chance to shop complete sets as well as individual pieces.

If you’re an avid mountain biker who’s looking to enhance your every ride, you need to find the right custom cranks for your bike. Explore our mountain bike cranks, parts, and more online now!

Your Options for Mountain Bike Cranks

From mountain bike crank arms and chainrings to bottom brackets and bolt and washer sets, we offer a complete collection of components that can help you ensure the performance of your mountain bike. We believe crank length should be proportional to your leg length and riding style, which is why we offer many different length of mountain bike crank arms. In addition to a variety of brands, like Praxis, Zinn, Driveline, and Clydesdale, you’ll also find several material options for your mountain bike cranks, including carbon and alloy. Browse light, strong, powerful components to overhaul or upgrade your mountain bike today.

We’re Here to Help

Whether you’re just upgrading your favorite ride or you’re customizing a brand new bike, our team is always here to help. With decades of experience creating bicycles for clients with unique needs, the Big & Tall Bike team has the knowledge you need to ensure peak performance from your ride. Browse our entire selection of mountain bike cranks and accessories here, or reach out to us today for bicycle tips, advice, and guidance!