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    Welcome to Our Custom Bike Shop

    At Big & Tall Bikes, we know that everyone’s built a little differently. There’s no such thing as one size fits all for bikes! When you need a shop to create a custom big bike that fits you perfectly or you need a non-custom model by brands like KHS or Clydesdale, we’re the team you want! We do more than just scale up a regular-sized bike’s frame to fit a taller rider. Every component of the bike comes under scrutiny based on your measurements.

    Discover what it means to get the most comfort,
    power, and performance out of every ride.

    Components for Every Bike

    Whether you choose to order custom cranks and handlebars or shop non-custom components, Big & Tall Bikes can fulfill every order. Browse our versatile selection of forks, seat posts, frame parts, tires, tubes, hubs, and more!

    Shop with us first because we have so many products that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

    Featured Big & Tall Bike Products

    As a custom bike shop, our most popular products are typically bicycles, but that’s not everything we have to offer. Our team is passionate about every element of cycling, so you’ll find tons of other essentials for beginners, hobbyists and pros alike.

    Explore guide books, big and tall cycling clothing, and some of our premium used bikes today!

    Featured Products

    Why Shop Big & Tall Bikes?

    We understand that finding a quality bike when you’re big and tall can be a challenge. With over 30 years of bicycle design and manufacturing experience, we’re the solution for any rider that needs a customized big bike. Our mission ensures larger cyclists can enjoy a comfortable ride on a larger bike that isn’t too heavy and overbearing.

    Start the customization process with us and discover what a difference the right-size bicycle can make. Need help? We’re here for you. Get in touch with us today to get started..

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