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Below is the sizing chart for Zinn Big and Tall Cycling Clothing. We have developed this sizing to better server big and tall cyclist and believe it will help you to choose the best size. There are ranges of sizing that will work for each person, so personal preference will be a factor. Some cyclists want their jerseys skin-tight while others want a looser fit. We do accept returns for clothing that doesn't fit. Once you get your clothing, we would appreciate your feedback on sizing by filling our our short survey. Click here for the survey. 

ZBT (Zinn Big and Tall) SizeZXTZ2XTZ3XTZ4XT
Height6'3" - 6'6"6'5"-6'8"6'7"-6'9"6'7"-7'
BuildTall/ThinTall/MidTall/BigTall/Very Big
Chest size40-44"44"-48"48"-52"50"+
Waist 34"-36"36"-40"38"-44"42"- 46"
Usual Shirt Size*LT or XLTXXLT3XLT4XLT
*Use this as a guideline. If you normally wear an XL shirt, you'll most likely fit best in a ZXT, and you will expect the jersey to fit tightly like a pro cyclist. If you prefer a looser fit, move up one size. 

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