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Zinn and the Art of Triathlon Bikes

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Zinn & the Art of Triathlon Bikes is the first and only book on the market that caters to the specific bike tuning and maintenance needs of triathletes. Using the successful format of his best-selling VeloPress books, Lennard Zinn guides triathletes through the many triathlon-specific problems including bike tuning, maintenance, and shipping a bike safely from race to race. He also provides clear advice on equipment choice and upgrades to help readers make sensible choices as they advance through the sport. Triathletes will improve comfort and develop speed in the aerodynamic time trial position, increasing their enjoyment of the bike leg, which is the most technical leg of any triathlon race. Newcomers and experienced mechanics alike will benefit from the clear illustrations, exploded views of components, and practical tips on how to completely and properly maintain all aspects of their tri bikes in order to ensure hours of trouble-free riding. Readers will also find help with deciding whether to tackle the maintenance project or head to the bike shop for repairs. The practical and time-saving tips in this book are not available in collected form elsewhere. Zinn is one of the worldís most trusted authorities on bicycle design, maintenance, and repair, and this book answers the call for ìa Zinn bookî for triathletes. Paperback. Includes hundreds of detailed illustrations and exploded diagrams. 8 1/2" x 11", 352 pp. VP-ZTM $24.95 # "No longer will you have to see your bike as a mechanical black boxà Consider Zinn & the Art of Triathlon Bikes the instruction manual that you shouldíve gotten with your bike."óXtri.com Click here to continue reading the review. # "This book will be the best triathlon accessory you buy. Ever."óTri247.com. Read the entire review. # "Lennard has a simple yet powerful way of teaching the athlete bike maintenance, bike set up, and helpful tips and tools that will most certainly result in great improvements in this discipline of triathlon. I so wish that Lennard's book was available to me when I was competing!"óSiri Lindley # ìZinn & the Art of Triathlon Bikes is an easy to understand, thorough, and very helpful resource for multisport athletes and coaches.î óRay Browning, Serotta Cycling Institute # "Zinn & the Art of Triathlon Bikes is a powerful reference for all triathletes. Zinn's chapter on triathlon-specific bike fit contains the most clear and concise description of these principles that I've seen." óChris Martin, 2005 amateur triathlon champion

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