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Road spiders and chainrings

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As a cyclist, one of the most critical components of your bicycle is your crankset. Your crankset is what allows you to propel the bike forward through the rotational movement of your legs to drive the rear wheel. Three components make up your track, roadcross, or touring crankset. They are the bottom bracketcrank arms, and chainrings. Upgrading your crankset will improve your performance and help you get the most out of your bike. It can help you train harder, go faster, improve your track stats, and avoid injuries. Browse our selection of crank components below.

Why Upgrade Your Road Bike Crankset With Zinn

At Big & Tall Bikes and Zinn Cycles, our #1 goal is ensuring you find a bicycle perfectly designed for you, your proportions, and your lifestyle. To determine the best crankset for you, we take into account your height, the angle of your knees at the top dead-center, your riding style, and the current length of your crank arms.

Recent studies have indicated that the perfect crank length is 9.5% of your height. For example, a six-foot-one individual using this equation would find the correct crank length to be 185-centimeters long. By changing the crank length on your bike, you can attain a more comfortable ride and increase your speed. Crank length will not increase your power output, but it will affect the amount of pedal force generated and your overall comfort. If you ride in an aerodynamic position, your hip joint angles are closed, and the hip flexors are tight. Choosing a crank that is too long will make breathing more difficult, put stress on your lower back, and increase the likelihood of knee pain. Switching to a shorter crank will open up the hips at the top of your stroke and alleviate any breathing issues. In addition, you will experience less knee and back pain.

Our Commitment to Your Cycling Goals Spans Decades

For over 40 years, Zinn Cycles has focused on our customers' body sizes and compositions. We've used this information to create the best custom-made bikes in the world while helping our clients achieve their fitness goals at the same time.

We're masters at building custom bikes and bicycle parts. We specialize in big riders, tall riders, and even short riders. Our cyclocross cranksets, road bike cranksets, and touring cranksets are high-quality and can be customized specifically for you. Check out our inventory on this page and choose the parts you need today. If you need help in the process, schedule a call or email us at [email protected].