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The Best Handlebars for Your Bicycle

At Big & Tall Bikes, we’re all about helping you personalize your ride. Whether you’re interested in road biking, triathlons, or mountain biking, you’ll want the best-fitting handlebars to get the most power, performance, and comfort from your ride.

How to choose the right handlebars

When it comes to customizing your ride, the handlebars are one of the most impactful components that you can change. Handlebars have a massive impact on your stability, posture, and power transfer. Get the right fit with handlebars that are specially engineered to deliver more performance, comfort, and stability.

There are three main styles of handlebars for road bikes: drop-down, bullhorn, and flat.
Drop-down handlebars are the most common type. They offer a more aerodynamic position and put the rider in a body position to pedal more powerfully. Bullhorn handlebars are less common, but they offer a more upright riding position and can be more comfortable for some riders. Flat handlebars are the least common type for road bikes, but they offer a more relaxed riding position, and many commuter cyclists prefer them.

When choosing the right handlebars for your bicycle, you should also consider what type of rider you are. If you are a more aggressive road or gravel rider who likes to go fast, drop-down handlebars will give you the performance you need. If you prefer more comfort and want to see the road ahead, a bullhorn or flat handlebar might be better for your body.

No matter what type of handlebars for your bicycle you choose, based on positioning and riding style, make sure that they are the right size for your bike and body specifications. Handlebars that are too wide or too narrow can cause discomfort and potential injuries. We also offer SQlab handlebars that provide more ergonomic hand positions to ensure better wrist comfort and less hand numbness. We even offer bar ends to ensure the most comfortable grip throughout your ride!

Custom Bicycle Handlebars

We also offer custom handlebars for your bicycle. If you are looking for a titanium handlebar, or one made from specifications based on your unique body geometry and riding style, we can build custom handlebars for you.

Shopping with Big & Tall Bikes

We are a cycling company that really understands your needs as a big and tall rider. From a great selection of handlebars to custom handlebars to tons of other components for your bicycle, we’ve got your back, your seat, and so much more! Shop tires and tubes, fully custom bikes, and cranks for every type of biking all in one place!

Have any questions about custom handlebars, bike fittings, or anything related to cycling? Reach out to our team today!