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Bike Rims, Sizes, & Available Options

At Big & Tall Bikes, we offer a wide variety of bike rims and sizes for you to choose from for your cycling needs. Browse our bicycle rims for sale designed for all types of terrain. We offer custom solutions for cycling enthusiasts who enjoy casual city riding, mountain biking, road-racing, and riding on snow, sand, or gravel. So, what size should you choose?

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, physical measurements, and the surfaces you plan to ride on. Each rim has different drilling options for the number of holes you need to match desired spoke counts. We provide this service to give you the flexibility to determine the wheel strength you need for your body dimensions and riding style.

High-Quality Rims For Big & Tall Riders

For over 40 years, Zinn Cycles has provided the cycling world with world-class, custom-made bikes and components. Our founder Lennard Zinn is 6'6" tall and started Zinn because he was dissatisfied with the standard, factory-made bikes that were available at the time. Since 1982 he has designed bikes for the cycling community and enthusiasts from all over the globe.

Our focus here at Zinn Cycles and Big & Tall Bikes is to provide taller and heavier riders with the unmatched quality and performance they need for the best cycling experience possible. All bike rims and sizes in our inventory are high-quality and can withstand the demands of big and tall riders. With brands like Velocity, Sun Ringle, & Derby, we're confident you can find what you need at an affordable price.

Call For a Free Consultation

Our passion for designing innovative, high-quality bikes for cycling enthusiasts of all sizes is well-known throughout the United States and internationally. We provide much more than bicycle rims for sale and are eager to provide you with the custom-fit bike rims and sizes you need enjoy your rides. Call us at 303-499-4349 to speak to an expert or book a consultation today!