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Bottom Brackets

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The bike bottom bracket is the hub where your seat tube, frame tube, and a chainstay all come together to create your drivetrain. Inside the bottom bracket, you will find a spindle bracket that connects to the crankset and bearings, causing the crankset to rotate efficiently. These components fit many bike designs and primarily come in a threaded, press-fit, or square taper design. When the rider pedals, energy is produced and propels the bike forward. The bearings inside provide a smooth ride with little resistance and minimal effort.

Our bike bottom brackets and spindle brackets work with all existing bracket designs from all leading manufacturers. They work well with the BB30, BB86, BB90, BB92, BB95, OSBB, and BB386EVO, to name a few.

When To Replace Bike Bottom Brackets & Spindle Brackets

If you hear strange noises coming from your brackets, that could be signaling that there is a lot of play in your bearings. The bearings inside may need repair if you're experiencing side-to-side movement with the crank arm. If you feel movement in the crank arm, this could mean that you need to perform repairs. If you have play in your bottom bracket, it can cause your crankset to move and drop your chain while you're riding. Also, if you experience any wobble or play in your ride, it could mean that your bracket contains dirt or water. Debris will make it harder for you to pedal.

Why Choose Bottom Brackets from Big & Tall Bikes?

You can use our bottom bracket adapter kits to install a standard bearing into your PF30 or BB30 frame. With Zinn, you can feel confident that you will have no installation issues and eliminate any future headaches. All you need to do is browse this page, select the right part for your particular bike, and leave the shipping to us. If you have any additional questions, feel free to schedule a call or email us at [email protected].