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When it comes to finding the perfect bike, we provide an easy way for you to craft a custom-made mountain bike that matches your specifications. With more than 40 years of experience designing and building custom bikes, we’ll create a high-performance bike that’s suited to your needs. We provide a way for big and tall riders to get custom-built mountain bikes online. We specialize in fitting, designing, and building individualized mountain bikes, particularly if you are looking for big and tall mountain bikes. We also build customized bikes for smaller riders who are generally unable to find the perfect bike that fits their size, weight, riding style, and preferences.

We can help you determine which mountain bike is right for you, whether it’s titanium, steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber, your new bike will have an accurate strength-to-weight ratio. We offer made-to-order and pre-built mountain bikes, so there’s a great option for every customer. If you’re looking at mountain bikes online, it’s worthwhile finding a bike that’s built with the best materials and craftsmanship. Our non-custom mountain bikes are available in sizes up to 4XL, ensuring optimal pedaling efficiency for big and tall riders.

High-Quality Titanium Frames

We sell various premium materials and cycling components that ensure you receive a bike that perfectly suits the way you ride. Whether it’s steel, carbon fiber, aluminum, or titanium, our expert frame builders produce handmade frames using modern technology and equipment. 

Out of all the materials we use to construct our frames, Titanium is generally the most durable and compliant material for most mountain bikes available online. It provides a combination of stiffness, lightweight, and affordability that’s difficult to beat. Titanium is also less dense than steel, allowing us to build frames with tubing that has a large diameter. This creates a high level of strength, stiffness, and durability without increasing the weight.

We offer custom, semi-custom, and off-the-shelf big and tall mountain bikes. The Clydesdale Goliath Titanium Fat Bike, for example, is a fat tire bike that’s ready-made. It’s built for riders who are 5’9” to 7’3” tall. It has a large frame and its tires offer high performance in snow and sand. The Clydesdale Steer Titanium Mountain Bike is another mountain bike built for big guys. The Steer is a titanium bike that’s a sought-after choice as it offers many features and it can be converted to a hybrid bike. Although many of our mountain bikes offered online are made with titanium, you can choose other metals with different performance characteristics. 


How do we build custom bikes?

We build high-performance mountain bikes for riders, no matter their size. When we build custom bikes, we don’t simply resize the existing dimensions of a frame. Our team carefully considers every aspect, such as the proportion of the cranks, the location of the handlebars, and more. As a result, the mountain bikes you can order online from us are made with performance, durability, and comfort in mind.

Why are titanium frames so durable?

Titanium is extremely resistant to corrosion which makes it highly durable. As a result, mountain bikes with titanium frames generally have lengthy lifespans.

How should I submit my measurements?

You are welcome to check with us to be sure you are getting the right fit before placing an order. Submit measurements here and we can consult with you on the bike fit. Our custom big and tall mountain bikes are made to fit your exact measurements to ensure the best performance. We can customize stem length, crank length, and handlebar width. You can also order mountain bikes online and submit measurements after the order is placed. If we need to change the size or customize the order, we can do that after it’s submitted.